Simatherm Induction Heaters

Simatherm Induction Heaters
Incorrect warming of bearings is frequently the cause of bearing damage.

The solution – Simatherm induction heaters

The novel design achieves optimum efficiency and cuts warming time and energy consumption by up to 80%.

Features of the Simatherm units:

  • Automatic time and temperature control
  • Temperature probe for temperature control between 0 – 250 °C
  • Digital display
  • Automatic demagnetisation
  • Power reduction by up to 80%
  • Thermal overheating protection of induction coil and electronics
  • Compact construction, modern design
  • Light weight
  • A range of standard yoke sizes is included with every induction heater.
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Induction Heater

Its function equals that of an electric transformer. With an induction coil, a very high amperage with a low voltage is induced into a ring-shaped workpiece. Thereby it is heated consistently within minutes. Heat is only induced to the workpiece whereas the heater itself remains at ambient temperature and can be touched without risk at any time.

Simatherm Induction Heater Range
Hot Plate HPS (small) and HPL (large)

Electric hotplate with thermostat controlled heating

Simatherm IH 025 Volcano

Compact and reliable

Simatherm IH 070

Our most popular heater

Simatherm IH 090

For serial production

Simatherm IH 210

The jumbo of the tabletop models

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