Simalube Automatic Lubrication

Simalube, the compact lubricator that is economical, universally adaptable and a friend to our environment

Economical lubrication

Using Simalube, the lubricant can be applied directly to the lubrication point. The Simalube lubricator is activated with a simple twist of the dispensing dial on the top of the lubricator, and can be altered at any time. The lubricant level can always be monitored through the inspection window. Simalube is ideal for demanding applications such as lubrication points in difficult to reach locations or in dangerous production zones.

Simalube is especially well suited for lubrication points which may easily be overlooked or forgotten. These, often critical lube points, are provided a consistent delivery of lubricant reliably and automatically, 24 hours a day for up to one full year.

Damages caused by over or under lubrication and the high costs associated with repairing them, can be minimized with a Simalube automatic lubricator.

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Benefits of automatic lubrication
No more manual lubrication

  • Saves time
  • Greater work safety
  • Hard-to-reach lubrication points are permanently supplied
  • Lower lubricant consumption

No under, or over lubrication

  • Less wear
  • Less machine downtime
  • Increased machine performance

Sealed, dustproof and waterproof

  • No more confusion of lubricants
  • Reduced risk of contamination
  • No contamination of lubrication points

International Compliance

  • TÜV-tested and Ex certified in all zones
  • Improved workplace safety
  • No environmental impact thanks to recycling and disposal according to regulations

Universal application

A wide range of standard greases and oils can be used with Simalube.
Customer specific lubricants can be used if suitable. The dispensing time on the Simalube lubricator Is variable between one and twelve months. The flexible delivery time gives us complete control over the amount of lubricant being applied. Simalube delivers critical lubricant reliably throughout a temperature range of -20 to 55°C (-4 to +131°F). Simalube is universally adaptable to most lubrication tasks through the use of various types of fittings that are available from us.

Environmentally friendly and refillable

Simalube is environmentally friendly as it does not contain any toxic liquids, batteries, motors or gears. When fully dispensed of lubricant, the Simalube can either be recycled through standard recycling channels, or fitted with a new gas generating cartridge, easily refilled and put back into service.

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