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Memolub offers a range of class leading single and multi-point lubrication systems, recognised as the benchmark and undisputed reference point for electro-mechanical lubricators. The exceptional features and high quality manufacture of Memolub offers outstanding protection for lubricated equipment across a wide range of industrial applications.

  • MEMOLUB® is an autonomous refillable lubrication system for single or multiple point use
  • With its 25 bar ejection pressure, it can be used with 2 to 8 outlets distribution blocks
  • Remote installation up to 8 meters
  • Choice of various power supplies

Powerful and remote installation up to 8 meters. Battery operated.

Powerful and remote installation up to 8 meters. External 24V power supply.

Powerful and remote installation up to 8 meters. Power supply and control through PLC.

How it works

A powerful and efficient pump

  • Dosing pump with adjustable output
  • Lubricant ejection pressure from 10 to 25 bar
  • High-performance pump able to pump lubricants at extreme temperatures and with high viscosity.

The technology: the accumulator effect

Memolub not only protects the moving parts of your machine, it protects your lubricant.

Excessive pressure applied to the lubricating grease causes oil seperation. Back pressure generated by a lubrication system depends on a number of factors. The tubing diameter, the type of lubricant and the ambient temperature, are all major contributors but the most significant is the speed/pressure at which the lubricant is expelled

Memolub’s unique method of operation eliminates this problem. Thanks to its patented design Memolub allows the lubricant to travel to the lubricating point without the need for excessive back pressure.

The lubricant remains in its premium condition offering substantially improved lubrication of your valuable asset.

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