Simalube Automatic Lubrication

Simalube Multipoint

5 x 8ml lubricator
With the Simalube multipoint lubrication system, 5 individual lubrication points can be reliably serviced. The lubricant quantity per chamber is 8 ml which can be dispensed within a period from 1 to 12 months. By means of an intelligent snapping system, the empty lubricator can be removed from the fitting connection and easily replaced by a new lubricator. The Simalube multipoint dispensers are available filled with various lubricants (grease and oil) and the operating time can be adjusted at any time and be changed according to requirements.

Simalube Multipoint

  • 5 x 8ml lubricant (grease or oil)
  • Appropriate for the lubrication of linear slides
  • Runtime from 1 to 12 months continuously adjustable
  • Snapping system allows easy mounting to fitting connection
  • Short initial periods
  • Fast coupling to tubes to วพ 4mm piping
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