Field Servicing

How it works

Once an intensive survey of your plant has been carried out, a detailed quotation is forwarded to you along with a copy of the survey. This survey will show each point identified for the installation of a lubricator or for condition monitoring services. The grease requirement of each point is calculated and the monthly setting for the lubricator is determined. This ensures that the correct amount of lubricant is dispensed into the application, eliminating the high and low temperature peaks from manual lubricating, thus prolonging the lifespan of the bearing. This monthly setting determines how often a refill cartridge is required and will also be reflected on the survey report.

During the complete survey of your plant, we will also detail where existing lubricators are installed, if any. The make and condition of the lubricators will also be noted.

A quotation is then submitted to you along with a copy of the survey report. An order number is then obtained and we then schedule a job card for the work to be carried out.

After the installation, we carry out inspections on a monthly basis; this includes the monitoring, refilling and the provision of comprehensive performance reports, which are forwarded to you on a monthly basis. A monthly service fee is calculated appropriate to your plant size. If we detect any other maintenance related problems during the monitoring of the lubricators, these will be highlighted in the report, providing a further preventative maintenance benefit to yourselves. Where we perform condition monitoring services we will take vibration readings at regular, predetermined intervals. A full report will be given indicating the problem areas along with recommendations to rectify the problems.

The presence of our technicians on your site enables us to develop a relationship with your key personnel, thereby allowing us to gain a good understanding of your operational requirements. This in turn promotes teamwork, which ultimately forms an enduring partnership.

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Calculation Pro calculates the appropriate time setting according to the parameters that you specify.