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What we do

After an installation is carried out our teams will then perform the recommended monthly inspections where the following is performed:

  • A level reading of each lubricator is noted down on our detailed inspection report
  • This level is checked with its corresponding estimated level of where the lubricators level should be at that time
  • If the level is within the estimated range then no action is required
  • If the level is not within range then our team will remove the lubricator and look for any defects or damage as well as prime the line to free any possible blockages. The findings will be detailed in the remarks
  • Should refills be required the lubricator will be removed for refilling, which is performed on site, and the line will be primed to make sure there are no potential blockages. Once the lubricator is refilled it will be set and fitted back to the lubrication point
  • Should we come across a breakage, our team will prime the line and fit a new lubricator if there is stock available otherwise a grease nipple or a blank off is fitted until a replacement can be fitted
Automatic Lubrication

The Simatec Lubricator is an automatic and re-fillable single point lubricator capable of dispensing precise amounts of lubricant to your components over a pre-determined period

Memolub is an autonomous refillable lubrication system for single or multiple point use. Up to 25 bar ejection pressure, it can be used with 2 to 8 outlets distribution blocks
Memolub DS
Decentralized multi-point automatic lubrication system, with adjustable flow, suitable for one or several lubricants simultaneously controlled from a single electronic box.
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