Auto-Lubrication, Condition Monitoring & Field Service Specialists

Field Servicing
Field Servicing
The presence of our technicians on your site enables us to develop a relationship with your key personnel, thereby allowing us to gain a good understanding of your operational requirements.

During the complete survey of your plant, we will also detail where existing lubricators are installed, if any. The make and condition of the lubricators will also be noted.

Condition Monitoring

After the installation, we carry out inspections on a monthly basis; this includes the monitoring, refilling and the provision of comprehensive performance reports.

Automatic Lubrication

Automatic Lubrication

The Simatec Lubricator is an automatic and re-fillable single point lubricator capable of dispensing precise amounts of lubricant to your components over a pre-determined period

Memolub is an autonomous refillable lubrication system for single or multiple point use. Up to 25 bar ejection pressure, it can be used with 2 to 8 outlets distribution blocks
Memolub DS
Decentralized multi-point automatic lubrication system, with adjustable flow, suitable for one or several lubricants simultaneously controlled from a single electronic box.

Bearing Maintenance

Bearing Maintenance
Quickly heat rolling bearings and other ring-shaped metal parts with simatherm products. Thanks to the heat extension, work pieces can be easily fitted.
Simatool Toolkits
With simatool tools, rolling bearings and radial shaft seals can be installed and removed quickly and safely. The well proven tools have an ergonomic design.

Reliability Solutions

Reliability Solutions
Vibration Analysis
Excessive vibration which often remains unnoticed until failure can be caused by many things, mis-aligned shafts, mounting points, bearings and even warn gear trains.
Alignment Analysis
Rotating Shaft Misalignment produces excessive vibration, noise, coupling, and bearing temperature increases and premature bearing, coupling, or shaft failure.
Oil Analysis
The importance of good lubrication of equipment cannot be overstated. Disastrous failure results most often from low oil levels, inadequate lubrication or poor oil quality.
Thermal scanning
Thermal scanning (IR) is used to identify and locate areas of abnormal heat in electrical and mechanical systems, which can help predict and prevent trouble with equipment.

Condition Monitoring

Luneta Condition Monitoring
Cond. Monitoring Pod
Early detection of machine faults and abnormal wear is key machine reliability. The CMP enable daily inspections across numerous critical parameters.
HD Sight Glass
Compared to other bulls eye sight glasses, the Luneta Sight Glass provides a crystal clear, undistorted view of in-service oils. You’ll notice the difference immediately.
The Hub
The Luneta Hub delivers more port versatility than anything else on the market. Having four lateral ports which will allow you to install various attachments.
The Column
The Column is a crystal-clear oil level sight glass allowing visual inspection of oil condition and level in pumps, gearboxes, storage tanks and reservoirs.
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Calculation Pro

Calculation Pro calculates the appropriate time setting according to the parameters that you specify.