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Ambi-Lube SA is an importer and distributor of automatic lubricators; namely the Simalube and Memolub range. The  company provides a lubrication service to industries which includes plant surveys, sale and/or installation of automatic lubricators along with a recommended maintenance package including fully comprehensive monthly inspection reports. Ambilube is also an importer and distributor of the Simatec range of bearing tools and induction heaters. Ambi-Lube is the appointed African distributor for the Luneta range of Condition monitoring pods, HD sight glasses, Breathers and the Luneta Hub. In addition to the lubrication services, Ambi-Lube offers a condition monitoring service including vibration analysis, alignment, balancing, thermography and oil sampling.

Our Services include:

Plant survey: To determine number of points and associated pertinent information.
Dial settings: To ensure correct lubrication of components.
Proposal: Allows you to decide what points to automatically lubricate.
Installation: Ensures lubricators are installed appropriately and the dispensing rate is set.
Monthly inspections: Allow us to inspect each point and ensure it is being correctly lubricated.
Inspection reports: Provide your company with information on the performance of the lubricators.

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Calculation Pro

Calculation Pro calculates the appropriate time setting according to the parameters that you specify.